1 & 1 Gym Induction

You’ll find a great range of top quality gyms at Active NL. Packed with some of the best gym equipment in Scotland they’re here to help you transform how you look and feel.

It is our goal to help you use the gym safely and efficiently so before you can start you’ll need a simple gym induction. It’s our chance to show you how to use the equipment and explain its benefits. Then you can set about sculpting that six pack, bigging up those biceps and ruling the running machine. You’re going to look great!

Your Active NL gym induction

Your gym induction will be informal yet informative. It’s your opportunity to try out the equipment and tell us about your fitness goals. An Active NL instructor will guide you through the process. They’ll ask you if you have any health and accessibility issues and what you would like to get out of using the gym.

Some people feel nervous about talking to people about problem body areas and getting fit. Don’t be! Your gym instructor is here to help you get the most out of your facilities. They enjoy working out and want you to feel the same buzz. Your success will be their success too.

Your instructor will take you around the gym explaining how each piece of equipment works and the benefits for your body. Once they’ve given you a demonstration, it’s your turn to have a go. Don’t be shy – just have a shot and have fun. It’s important to wear comfortable clothes and trainers and try out the equipment at your own pace. You’ll have plenty of time to master techniques later.

At the end of your induction you’ll be offered the chance to start a Personal Programme Card. This is a programme of activities based on your fitness goals. It is free for members and £12.40 for non-members.

Book a gym induction

All Active NL gym users must have an induction to keep you safe. You can book your induction at a sports centre reception or by using your online Access NL account. If you are an Active NL member your induction is free, non-members pay £12.40

Contact your nearest Active NL venue and let's get started!