Community Sports Hubs


A Community Sport Hub (CSH) is a collective of local sports clubs & other community organisations that come together to improve the contribution that sport & physical activity has on a community.

The Community Sport Hub approach is to support and empower local people to improve sport & physical activity in communities across Scotland. It starts with understanding the needs within a community and then collaborating to facilitate and deliver activities and interventions.

Across Scotland, a network of Community Sport Hub Officers are on hand to work with local leaders. They provide support to help understand barriers and develop inclusive approaches that ensure everyone can get active. They help establish partnerships, and develop plans and resources to build capacity and capability in community organisations.


NL Story

In 2010, North Lanarkshire has seen the formation of the first Community Sports Hub and then a further collection of hubs throughout the coming years that varied in their delivery according to community needs. At the time, these hubs followed the 5 guiding principles:

The main priority being: Get people active again

North Lanarkshire Council will continue to embed these principles and encourage this previous priority, although with a modern and updated agenda.





Throughout North Lanarkshire, we plan to adopt the ‘Changing Lives’ approach to create opportunities for all and enhance our understanding of the community's needs throughout the council area.

  • There will be a big focus on allowing quality time and energy to support the following:
  • Detailed research within all areas of the community to understand community needs & creation of community profiles
  • Understanding of the resources required to create long lasting social impact and projects
  • Continued support of existing or historical CSHs
  • Working with local leaders, stakeholders and organisations to gather local acumen that will in turn support decisions on community projects

Changing lives through sport and physical activity - sportscotland the national agency for sport in Scotland


Three Pillars of CSH



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