High Intensity Training

Your body is just like a car. Use it too much and it starts to wear out, too little and it rusts. If you want it to perform better then all you need is a quick weekly service.

At Active NL we can offer you workouts that are fast and focused. Get set for thirty minutes of activity that will tone your body, help you run faster, work harder and deliver brilliant results.

The great thing about high intensity workouts is that maximum effort is rewarded with maximum results. They are easy to fit in to your busy schedule and are designed to train your body to do more. Metafit gets your heart racing in bursts of activity. Insanity encourages you to keep your foot on the pedal as you sprint to the line. Our Les Mills GRIT classes are hugely popular and have three different programmes - Strength, Plyo & Cardio. GRIT has it all and is the perfect workout whether you want muscle gain or weight loss! 

High Intensity workouts can help you go from a reliable runabout to a F1 fast car in no time. Click on a class and let’s get motoring!

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