Fitness experts know that the best way to burn fat is to put your heart and soul into it.

Active NL cardio classes get your heart pumping, lungs bursting and work your muscles to the max. We're here to help you turn fat into fit.

The great thing about our cardio classes is that there's something for everyone. No matter your age or ability there's a workout that will work for you. You can feel the burn of Aerobics or pedal away the pounds with Cycle Fit and RPM. You can get into the rhythm of a fitter you with dance-based Body Jam. Looking for a class that will work your whole body? You can get fitter faster by raising your energy levels. Body Attack, Body Combat and Body Step each provide exercise that's fun with a different flavour. Work out like an athlete, get a kick out of martial arts or step it out to the beat. 

If you're looking to lose some weight or just improve your fitness, our Cardio classes offer the perfect solution!

At Active NL, we heart fitness. Choose you cardio class from the options menu.

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