Low Impact  

At Active NL we get high marks for our low impact dance, aerobics and slimming classes.

Exercise – it comes in all shapes and forms. There's no need to worry if you don't enjoy lifting weights or doing circuits. The beauty of low impact workouts is that they protect your joints but still get your pulse racing.

Are you dancing? Because we're asking!

Our dance-based workouts are the fun way to get fit. Let the Latin beat of Zumba and Salsacise set your hips moving and feet tapping. Low Impact classes offer ideal exercise options for people who would like to lose weight, are recovering from injury or require a different pace of activity. Our Slimming NL and Weigh to Go classes give you all the incentives you need to lose weight in a positive environment. While Active Age Aerobics is a gentle way for the more mature to work your magic!

It's easy for you to get into the swing of exercise in North Lanarkshire. Click on a class and cue the music!

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