Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by a responsible person (aged 16yrs and over). 

Children under the age of 5, regardless of skating ability must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Wednesday night drop in Hockey 18yrs+ only. This is a regulation set by SRIHA.


A limited number of Penguin skating aids are available to help support and stabilise kids, these can be purchased at the reception. Please note that there is a maximum height requirement of 1.2m to use these.

Small skates are available that can go over shoes!

Protective spike overshoes are not permitted during public skating sessions


Ice Etiquette - Be nICE on the ICE...


  • Put your skates on in the Skate Hire area
  • Keep off the Ice when the re-surfacer is on the Ice
  • Walk around the rink
  • Stake anti-clockwise unless instructed otherwise
  • Obey the advice of the Skating Stewards
  • Ensure your skates correctly fit
  • Put litter in the bins provided
  • Wear gloves


  • Sit or climb on the barriers
  • Chip, throw or spray the Ice
  • Skate at excessive speed/No Speed Skating
  • Carry young babies or children whilst on the Ice
  • Cut across the middle whilst lessons are in progress
  • Run around the rink
  • Skate backwards without due care and attention to other skaters
  • Bring electronic devices on the Ice
  • Play tag games on the Ice
  • Skate in chains of three or more people
  • Wear scarves or long coats on the Ice
  • Stand still or gather in groups in the middle of the Ice
  • Smoke or drink on the Ice