Every BODY Matters

Here at Active NL we understand that there is a lot of choice when you are selecting a membership. We believe in creating a positive members journey where you get more than simply access to state of the art equipment. We pride ourselves on making your entire fitness experience, from the moment you enter one of our venues to the moment you leave a positive and inclusive experience where you are fully supported. In addition, the wide range of extras that you get absolutely free as part of your membership puts us apart from other memberships.

Come join our fitness community at Active NL and let us help you reach your goals.

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For more information on any of our memberships or programmes please call 01236 341969.


We have been working very hard n the background to ensure that all safety measures are in place. We have implemented a number of new procedures, measures and processes in the past few months to ensure we are operating in a "COVID secure" environment. You will still find everything you need for a great work out safe in the knowledge that we have rigorous cleaning procedures both during and out with operating hours.


To comply with all Government guidance on social distancing we have rearranged and spaced out our equipment. In addition, we have reduced our capacity to ensure all safety guidance is followed.

We have introduced a number of new self cleaning stations so you can clean your equipment before and after use. In addition, we have added multiple hand sanitiser stations. Everything we have done has been developed with industry experts to ensure safe experience for everyone.

Both the gym and the fitness studios have been carefully marked out to ensure that safe distances between members is adhered to. We ask that you are considerate of all members and follow all guidance in order to make it safe and enjoyable for everybody.


Clear way finding signage has been introduced throughout our venues, gyms and fitness spaces which will help to streamline your experience in a safe and enjoyable way.

Staying safe at the gym is a collective responsibility and by following these simple rules we can help to keep everybody safe.

  • First of all if you have experienced any COVID-19 symptoms at all, stay at home!
  • Don't touch your face.
  • If you do join us at our venues, wash and sanitise your hands thoroughly and regularly, avoid contact with your face and importantly - wipe down all equipment before and after use.
  • If you can visit the gym at quieter times please do so.


You MUST book your gym or fitness class session prior to attending.

Booking your session is quick and simple and can be done on our App. Contactless entry using your key fob will also help to make your visit simple and safe.

Should you encounter any problems, we will have friendly staff on hand to support you.


Thank you for you continued patience. It has been amazing to see how our community has come together over the past few months to support each other through a very difficult time.

We are delighted to be reopening soon and can’t wait to welcome you back, help you set new goals and work towards being the best possible version of yourself.