Waterpark Features

Please be advised that we are currently experiencing maintenance issues with our yellow lightning flume and tipping bucket. These will be closed until further notice.

We are working hard to rectify these issues and apologise for any inconvenience.  Please keep an eye on our social media channels for any updates on this issue.

There are so many amazing and exciting features to keep you and your family entertained……

Where to begin?

Try the awesome Tornado Tantrum, the only indoor water ride in Scotland where four people can travel together! Don’t miss Splashdown Island with its huge tipping water bucket (currently closed), powerful water cannons and randomly activated water spouts. Ride the 100m high speed Storm Chasers, Thunder and Lightning with their amazing twisting twin flumes, and then test your strength and endurance in the Tsunami wave pool. After all that, float down Riptide River, a lazy river with a Rapid ending! For younger children…Coral Cove is our safe and sheltered section for parents with tiny tots.

So why not visit the Time Capsule the home of Scotland’s Ice and Waterpark?

Did you know?

Tornado Tantrum: You could fit a Mini Cooper inside this flume!

Storm Chaser Flumes: Named Thunder and Lightning, are 100m long (combined) and depending on a person’s weight takes between 10 and 30secs to travel down them!

Tsunami Wave Pool: When wild waves are on they can reach approx. 2.3m in height.

Flume Height Restrictions are:

Tornado Tantrum – Must be 1.2m high or over 8 years old.

Storm Chaser Flumes – For Larger Flume must be 1.2m high or over 8 years old. For the Smaller Flume, must be over 4 years old.